ST-026 IoT Controlling Board For Coin Selector


Is your machine still accepting coins & bills?
However, you don’t even know when or even how much money you have earned. What is the best time to restock. Whether should I check my machine because there’s no income for the whole day!?  

Well… ST-026 would be a good solution for you! 

You can use our own cloud website to monitor all the real-time sales and able to download Excel file to analyze it now! What’s even better is, most of the time, you don’t need to change anything,  just plug in then start to use!


For all kind of coin and bill machine, clients don't need to change any wiring and software setting, the equipment will transform into an IoT device as long as the ST-026 connect with it.

Clients can check the latest status of IoT device from their smartphone or laptop at any time and anywhere. And it's also no problem to export data to Excel files for marketing analytics.

ST-026 can receive 2 sets of input signal at the same time.

(Input 1, Output 1, Input 2, Output 2)

Input 1 can be directly connected to the 4 pin wire of the original coin acceptor (or bill acceptor). 
(Please note the order in sequence:  12v, Signal, Gnd, Counter.)

Output 1 is directly connected to the device which is docked with the original coin acceptor (or bill acceptor). The output singnal is 5V pulse, and the signal type is the same as the input 1 device.

Obviously, ST-026 is only an intermediary and won't affect the interconnectivity of equipment. This feature makes the ST-026 seamlessly compatible with over 95% of devices.

We also provide customized service, if you need 2 in 1 out version,  please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance.