ST-026 IoT Controlling Board For Coin Selector



ST-026 is applicable to vending machines, slot machines, arcade game, claw machine, coin change machine, etc, and every kind of machines that adopted coin acceptor and bill acceptor. As well as no problem to apply to all devices with 3.3V~12V pulse signals.

In addition, by using with our own cloud website, clients not only can have a good grasp of the the real-time sales to lower the time cost, but also can make good use of the sales data for marketing analysis and determine the customer's consumption trend.

Next, we are going to introduce the API (pre-job) and the ST-026 hardware setting method for you.

Part A – Get the exclusive API Key

So far, the pre-job has been completed and then we can start the machine setting.

Part B – ST-026 setting mode

Technical Parameter